Google Adsense Changes To Policies

google adsense changes to policies

Google Going A Little Easier On Publishers In It’s Adsense Program

In the past, whenever a publisher from the Google Adsense program violated their policy, the whole site would be banned and lose the ads. They would also lose any unpaid balance that was due to them but now Google is making some changes.

The new changes main objective is to prevent the loss of money for Google and the advertisers. There are several ways that some people would attempt to use some sort of violating tactics or strategies to get more money from the program but Google has since caught on. For instance, if there are too many refresh rates on a page in a short period of time or clicks from a blacklisted IP address, Google would ban the whole site. With this change now though, it will just take the ads down from the page that it is being displayed on.

This is good for several advertisers because now they will only be paying for more legit ad placements and realistic situations instead of bot generated or blacklisted traffic.

With this change though, it doesn’t mean that websites are safe from being banned. If a website violates the Google Adsense policies then, of course it can still be banned but they are leaning more towards taking down ads for a certain page. So if you are in the program, you might want to read up on their new policy changes in their operating agreement to make sure you are still good to continue in the program.

What really influenced the changes was the boycotting that was recently going on with YouTube advertisers. They were furious due to their ads being put on videos that were either inappropriate, or non relevant.


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