The BLU R1 HD- A Budget Friendly Phone With Style and Performance

BLU R1 HD Budget Friendly Phone

An Unlocked Budget Friendly Phone That Hangs With The Best


The brand BLU, has been around for a short time now and their phones just keep getting better. With every new model they come out with, it seems that the features and capabilities just keep getting closer to those of the top tier phone manufacturers. Since most of their phones come unlocked, they are usually able to use with a variety of different pay-as-you-go carriers or contract carriers. The R1 HD is a great budget friendly phone that can shine just like the rest of the big dogs. Let’s explain.


From the looks you can tell, right off the bat, that it isn’t your standard budget friendly phone. It has a strong, sturdy, construction and reminds me of most of the better Virgin Mobile phones that are out there. A nice sized display to watch videos and a nice median size that is good for keeping in your pocket without causing any annoyances.

The phone comes with a 5 inch HD screen. Vivid colors and great responsiveness from the screen are also some things people love about the phones. This responsiveness is mainly due to it’s on-cell touch panel. The screen and design is nice but what makes the display a little better, to us anyways, is the Gorilla Glass curved screen. Gorilla Glass is known for making strong displays and there is no exception in this case. Strong and great performance are a shorter description of this phone’s overall display and it’s features.


A phone can look great and not perform so well so we wanted to see how well it performed watching videos and doing multiple things at once. What I did was opened up several apps and then let them run in the background to see if I experienced any sorts of lagging. I didn’t notice any. I watched several videos and played several apps such as Pokemon Go and Netflix and was amazed at how great the HD screen is. It looked better than my television that I use in my living room.

The processor in this budget friendly phone is a 1.3Ghz quad-core. For a quad-core one wouldn’t expect it to perform so well, especially since more and more newer apps and games are demanding more performance due to the quality. I actually found it quite impressive because I didn’t notice any differences in speed from when I used my octa-core tablet.

One downside I did experience was the camera quality. The front facing cam takes shots at a 5mp quality while the main camera does an 8mp. This wasn’t so impressive. Not saying that the pics came out totally worthless but this is where BLU lacked in the features of the phone. It’s still able to take HD video with 1080p quality but if you are in need of a great camera, this phone won’t be on your list.


Since most budget friendly phones are usually unlocked to cover a wide range of carriers, the BLU R1 HD can be used with several GSM phone carriers and provide 4G LTE speeds. It can be used with T-Mobile, Metro PCS, Straight Talk, Tracfone, and AT&T. Many users who have used the phone with these carriers haven’t had any major issues so far. From what we have heard is that the only problem anyone has had was that when they activated the phone with Straight Talk or Go Phone, the phone took about a day to activate. This was due to it retrieving info from your account to set everything up. Other than that everyone has reported great usage and results from the device.

Another cool feature with this phone is the dual sim capability. Some people like to have two different phone numbers for certain reasons and this phone provides that. You can use two different sim cards from two different carriers and have service for both of them on this phone. It beats having to carry around two phones I guess. I never really had any use for this feature but some people find it a necessity and this phone has it.

If you purchase the phone through Amazon, there is a package that comes with extra offers and ads for Prime and more. This also gives Prime members a little more features and discounts on their other services over those who don’t have Prime. That’s a good incentive for those who are on the fence about making the decision to get the phone.


Our final verdict is that the phone is great for those who want a phone that performs but don’t want to spend loads of money on a new device. It’s budget friendly, performs well, and is just an overall great phone. I would like it to be a bit bigger in size and have a better camera quality but other than that, the thing is nice. For the price, you just can’t go wrong.



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