Android TV Box That Does It All

Android TV Box enybox x3

This Android TV Box Is One Of The Best Budget Ones Out There

A streaming media player started out as just one of those cool boxes you wanted at home to watch the latest movies and shows via your favorite video apps but now they are more than that. Many are now coming with available storage space to save files like movies, video clips, and other media. There are several out there to choose but this Android TV box is one to notice if you’re looking for a new one.

The one we recommend, for many reasons, is the Enybox X3. It’s made by a company called Enybox. You probably never heard of them but this product of theirs performs awesome.


Android TV boxes vary in size but most of them are nice and small. Compact enough to hide on your entertainment center without being noticed too much. This one is no different. It measures at only 6 x 5 x 3 inches so it’s about the perfect size to either stand out or hide on your shelf. Since it is super thin, it makes it easy to bring over to a friend’s house or on the go to take your media with you if you want.


Packed with 2GB of memory so you can surf your favorite apps with ease and a storage size of 16GB, this Android TV box has one of the largest storage spaces of all the other ones out there. If you need more room, it has a micro SD card slot that can take another 32GB.

The box comes with Androids 6.0 Marshmallow operating system so it is up to date and more than capable enough to supply the demand that many newer media apps need. If you are into the specs more, it comes with the latest quad-core processor for the Android TV boxes, the AMLogic S905X processor, which I found to be great when it comes to speed and performance.

The processor is capable of keeping up great in my experiences. I noticed no problems while watching my favorite shows and movies. This is a great convenience because I have tried many others that just couldn’t keep up, or had poor video quality. This one does none of that. It provides great quality and great speeds. This leads me to my next part of my review, the video quality.

Video Quality

The manufacturer states that it is 3D capable but I didn’t have a 3D television to try that part out but I did have a 4K video TV that mated great with the box. I noticed a little better crisp quality than I did with my TVs standard 4K video. Don’t know what made it much better other than the box itself. With many 4K capable streaming media players, people don’t realize that you need to have a compatible TV to support the video as well. I did in this case and I can’t say anything negative about the video quality. Everything was on par with 4K video performance. I especially loved watching some of the latest movies that hit the streaming services on Netflix. I was able to catch up on a few movies I wanted to see on my list.

Other Features

The box supports USB connections so if you wanted to connect a Bluetooth keyboard or some other device to it, it works great. It also has many languages for the menu so you can set it to your preference. If you want to surf Facebook and other social media apps, you can with this box as well. I used the box for Skype calls a few times and enjoyed it. This was a pretty cool benefit of this Android TV box for sure.

Overall the box is great in many ways and it is one that is on my list if I was to ditch my Firestick. I actually still might after seeing how good this box performed. It’s a hard decision but either way, you won’t be disappointed with this Android TV box.



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